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Wedding Invitation Suites Guide – Wedding Invite

Wedding Invite Guide

The Main Invite in the invitation suite is the star of the show and deciding what to include in it could be daunting. Perhaps a Wedding Invite Guide could help?

Actually, it really depends on whether your wedding is going to be a formal and traditional one, an informal and casual one or somewhere in between.

Let’s dive right in and hopefully you will have a better idea of what you want to include in it by the end of this blog post!



Who is paying or hosting the wedding?

If your parents and/or parents-in-law are hosting the wedding, it is likely that the wedding will be more formal and traditional. The style of your wedding set the tone for your invitation suites and wordings.




  • Who is hosting
  • Who is invited
  • Names of the couple
  • Date and Time of the ceremony
  • Location and address for the ceremony
  • Wedding ceremony only, ceremony and reception, afternoon or evening reception etc…
  • Reception details^
  • RSVP details

^You may want to consider including a separate reception card with the other details if your wedding ceremony and reception are in different locations.


  • Gift registry information
  • Dress code if there is any
  • Website if any`
    `This is more important if you are having a destination wedding or many out-of-town guests
  • Guests’ dietary requirements
  • Adult-only or Child-free ceremony or reception
  • Brief order of service
  • Calligraphy details




This is the main envelope that has the guests’ names, mailing address and return address. Handwritten calligraphy offers a classic look to these outer envelopes.


This is a separate envelope that goes inside your outer envelope.
Your actual invitation and other enclosures go inside it and it is addressed with the names of all the guests who are invited.
It is a must for formal weddings and is recommended for the protection of the invitation suites.



  1. It would be best to weigh a sample invitation, sealed with all enclosures inside, at the post office before you actually mail them out. You will then have the visibility of how many stamps you need for each invitation suite.
  2. All guests who received a Save the Date card should get an invitation suite.
  3. Always order some extras


Check out some of our invitation suite designs HERE if it interests you.

Simple Main Invite

Geometric Series Main Invite

Lemon Series Main Invite

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