Calligraphy & Design

My passion

Calligraphy has been my passion since the day I first picked up my dip pen and bottle of ink.

Constantly strive to provide high quality services and results.

We take on calligraphy, lettering and design projects by transforming our ideas and a diverse range of stationery into something impressive.

Finest tools are used for our projects together, including dip pens, brush pens, brushes with a variety of watercolour inks etc…


Booking with us

If you are interested, please get in touch by completing the form at the bottom of the page to further discuss your project with us and get a detailed and no-obligation quotation.

What we do

Wedding Invitations

Litto Collection

“Litto Collection” is a range of semi-customised wedding invitation suites that you can customise to a certain extent for them to fit your big day.

Each product is designed with beautiful simplicity in mind.

Once you have chosen the design that you like, simply put the text or special requests in the order notes field on the checkout page or get in touch with us via email.

Then, we will work with you closely to change the details in order for them to suit your event. We can even create bespoke calligraphy details for you as an add-on.



We also offer totally bespoke wedding invitation suites.

These are perfect for couples who are looking for uniqueness with a personal touch.

The designs are created especially for you taking into account your style, personality and preferences. The finished piece(s) will be something that you and your guests will cherish forever.


Downloadable Print Products

We have a range of DIGITAL products for those who have a tight budget or would like to DIY some part of project themselves.

These allow you to get the job done at a much lower costs.


Other Wedding Stationery

You have come to the right place if you would like to include the beauty and romance of calligraphy to your wedding day.


Our “Litto Collection” has some on-the-day stationery product offerings available as well.

For DIYers and those who have a tight budget, we also have digital product offerings available for you to choose from.


If you prefer something special, we can design on-the-day stationery to fit in with what you have planned for your event and make your ideas a reality.

Some examples of what we can create for you include:

Place card, Escort card, Menu, Table seating plan, Table number card, Signage, Wedding vows etc…