About Us

Who we are

We foundedΒ Litto Things

and hope that this platform can help you with most of the little things of your wedding or event.


We will keep you informed of exactly where things stand throughout our projects together.

Some might say hiring a planner could solve all the problems. However, this could be expensive and let’s be honest some people just prefer to get more involved in their events! (Like myself! Smile)


Litto Helping Hand

We try our best to constantly come up with new ideas and products. Hopefully, you can find the information or things that you need on our website.

We would love to be able to make things simpler and easier for you, so you can enjoy the planning process for your special occasions.

Who we are

We are a Wedding, Calligraphy & Design company based in London, United Kingdom and we operate through our website.



I think I am a bit of a perfectionist and have always fancied about my own perfect wedding, which is why I had a VERY LONG to-do list for my wedding.

  • Invitation suite design
  • Addressing envelopes
  • Calligraphy
  • Wax seal
  • Silk rose petals
  • Wedding favours
  • Menu
  • Place cards
  • Seating plan etc…

There are unlimited tasks and sourcing to do before your big day.

We hope Litto Things can help you with some of the tasks. <3


We are passionate about our intentions - Give for the joy of giving. You will find our hearts right on our sleeves.


We enjoy collaborating, challenging, and supporting other people.


We appreciate the uniqueness in others, bond over common values and seek to learn from our differences.


We are in the business of celebration, happiness, love and joy. We LOVE it!


We are open and transparent with our ideas, goals and actions. We seek to convey our thoughts in a genuine way.


We strive for an environment that nurtures creativity by providing resources and support to actualize great ideas.